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Category: Cantina

Size: 250m2

Interior Architecture Design:

Luis Othon Villegas Solis

Renderings: Daniel Lyono

The Cantina La Arandina project starts from creating a space full of references and architectural elements that stimulate the collective memory and the memory of the traditional Mexican cantina. The conceptual narrative is formulated from the use of vernacular and contextual architectural materials. Making use of regional references such as clay brick, quarry, wood, and stone.


With this project we want to attract memories of the old west of Jalisco, and of the films of the golden cinema; where friends celebrate with tequila and mariachi. Cantina La Arandina has always been here, in each one of us; those of the highlands, those of the field and cattle, of tequila and charrería, of tradition, the party, the red earth, and of course friends.

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