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Boxx Studio

Beauty Salon


Category: Beauty Salon

Size: 80m2


Luis Othon Villegas Solis

Jessica Peral

Industrial Design:

FROMM Edwin Ruvalcaba


Carlos Gomez Herrera-Lasso


Rafael Palacios

Boxx Studio is a small beauty salon focused on functionality for hairdressers and the comfort of its clients. Natural materials and finishes were used for easy maintenance. We created a practical and functional space with the open distribution and flexibility of furniture movement. Lighting plays a fundamental role in creating a relaxing and calm environment. However, it was designed considering the importance of correctly using lamps that provide different lighting temperatures. This allows customers to see the correct hair colorimetry and makeup applications. The space's color palette is neutral; natural concrete, pink copper, leather, and warm gray create a sense of tranquility and a refined atmosphere. As a small space, the open plan achieves a seamless experience critical to the overall success of the salon, its functions, the movement of employees while working, and customers' comfort. Incorporating innovative fixtures, like lighting design based on research, comfortable atmospheres, and understanding patron waiting times helped us to create an environment that promotes relaxation, comfort, and a sense of elegance, leaving patrons feeling pampered and rejuvenated.

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