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Santa Maria



Category: Traditional Food Restaurant

Size: 350m2

Interior Architecture Design:

Luis Othon Villegas Solis

Construction Documents:

DoCo Arq. Enrique Rivera

Photographs: ARCE Estudio

The Santa María restaurant starts from the request to create a design of gastronomic experiences and where the interior space produces an atmosphere of color and freshness in relation to the traditional food of Colima. The main idea of the project was to create a space with the largest number of diners and solve a facade that would strengthen the image of the restaurant. We managed to create a project following a formal language similar to that of a traditional Parian but in a contemporary way and through a metal arcade, which also gave prominence within the urban context. One of the main needs of the restaurant was to create a functional space, and where ventilation and natural lighting allowed diners to have a pleasant time. We managed to generate a facade with openings that allow cross ventilation and with shutters that help block the incidence of morning sunlight. The design contemplates the use of food-grade materials such as tiles, ceramics, and stainless steel that allow easy cleaning and maintenance. A good performance ratio per square meter was achieved in the zoning of the kitchen, the services, and the diner area. The formal and colorimetric idea is inspired by the blue, pink, yellow, white, and green colors around the religious image of the Virgin Santa María and in reference to a work by the Colimense artist Rangel Hidalgo.

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