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Wine Gogh



Category: Restaurant

Size: 350m2

Interior Architecture Design:

Luis Othon Villegas Solis

Renderings: Daniel Lyono Studio

The project and branding are inspired in the work of Vincent Van Gogh. The guiding axis starts from a mural that consists of the abstraction of painting the starry night and as a continuous experience, that is, recreating the night inside the restaurant. The urban profiles of gabled houses, the navy blue color and materials in their natural state, woods, granites, and details are taken from a Dutch town's reference. We create sensory stimulation and the use of symbols in every detail. Controlled lighting was used, between warm lights and blue to emphasize the colors of the space and highlight the mural of the starry night. The experience had to be almost theatrical, so we sought to introduce semi-open curtains, which also emphasizes the wine cellar above the bar. The arrangement of the furniture was designed with three specific strategies, one consisting of recreating areas of home environments under a structure that simulates a cabin roof. And a general dining area that protrudes from the restaurant level so that all diners can have a full view of the restaurant, a space to see and be seen.

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