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Cielito Lindo

Beer Garden


Category:Beer Garden

Size: 1700m2


Luis Othon Villegas Solis

Construction Documents:

Do_Co Documentos constructivos 

Enrique Rivera

Renderings: Daniel Lyono

Beer gardens were built after their brewing was banned during the summer months due to repeated brewery fires. Breweries responded to the ban by digging cellars near riverbanks to keep their beer cool and fermented properly until needed in summer. America‘s first beer gardens appeared in the 1800s, courtesy of a wave of German immigrants.


Cielito Lindo is a beer garden and beer garden inspired by predecessors of North American and European cities and developed for a local audience that shares the values ​​of the regional community. It is a place that will become a classic

Bier Garten of Guadalajara, characterized by its open spaces, large tables, and large crowds during the weekend afternoons.

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