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Chivas Store

Official Store Chivas Soccer Team


Category: Official Store Chivas Soccer Team

Size: 600m2

Interior Architecture:

Luis Othon Villegas Solis

Construction Documents:

Do_Co Documentos constructivos 

Enrique Rivera

Rederings: Daniel Lyono

It is a retail concept and experience design to promote the sportswear line of the Club Guadalajara soccer team. The aim of the store is to offer a series of sensory experiences with the store design when buying. The strategies are based on the stimulation of emotions and surprise, with objects, temperature, color, ambient sound and smells in space through an almost museum tour of the store. A reduced entrance is planned thus opening to a double-height atrium where the entire store is displayed, and where a ramp emphasizes areas with surprise elements, such as signed T-shirts, commemorative balls, and trophies. It is through a planned promenade that we are able to move users toward key targets within the store, such as premium product zones and merchandise on sale. With this we want people to feel the emotion and passion of soccer, thus music is planned with a contagious rhythm, fresh smells are also discharged and products are punctuated with planned and colorful lighting

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